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Collegiate Programs

The program focuses on the game of golf, the development of competitive skills, and the development of life and leadership skills to assist young ladies in their personal development and their preparation for college. They learn to play a game that mirrors life and its obstacles. The instruction addresses the physical game and the mental game as well as its relationship to life, thus developing their self esteem and ability to move forward and help them prepare for successful careers in the golf industry and the corporate world. While the organization focuses on girls, boys that apply are accepted if space permits.

Focus areas:

  • Implementing programs to prepare young females to play golf in pursuit of scholarships to attend institutions of higher learning to further their education.
  • Implementing programs to support young females in playing competitive golf.
  • Providing support to women collegiate golf programs and to females in college golf programs to improve their golfing skills and academic performance in preparation for careers.
  • Focusing on the development of leadership and life skills in all programs
  • Providing personal development in career opportunities for women in golf
  • Increasing training, playing opportunities, and participation levels of women in the sport.


The overall goal is to contribute to grooming some of our best young women of ethnic origin preparing them for the world of golf and for the workplace.

Minority Women’s collegiate golf programs are poorly funded and Minority female youth teams are virtually non-existent. The organization raises funds to improve the quality of women’s college programs and to create youth programs. These efforts are bringing more visibility to young women playing golf and opening the door for more career opportunities.

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