JUNE 9 - 27  ages 8 - 12

JULY 7 - 25 ages 12 - up

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Women's Collegiate Classic/Championship

1st Place- Alabama State University

2nd Place - Texas Southern University

3rd Place - South Carolina State University


Alabama State University!

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Women In Golf Foundation, Inc.

The Women In Golf Foundation, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a 501-C3 organization that promotes women in golf. The organization focuses on creating opportunities for females by implementing programs that develop leadership and life skills as they learn to play the game of golf competitively and for business and recreational purposes.

Support and training are provided for female youth golfers from early age through college and entry into their chosen profession.

The organization’s signature focus is on the development of women collegiate golf teams and identifying career opportunities within the golf industry and other corporate positions.

To keep this focus, young girls are recruited and developed as a feeder pool for collegiate institutions.

Why Golf?

Golf develops discipline, self-control, decision-making skills, and is a significant tool used to consummate business transactions. Acquisition of basic golfing skills and understanding the business of golf enables young women golfers to compete more equally in today's complex environment. The organization’s programs afford young women opportunities to acquire golf skills, teamwork skills, professional development as well as avenues for networking in the business community. Activities performed by the organization concentrate on preparing young women for careers in golf, golf tour professionals, and using golf in other chosen professions to forward their careers. Host to the Women's Collegiate Golf Classic/Championship

April 25 - 27, 2014


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